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Malaysia Food Machinery Manufacturer

We are a Malaysia professional food machinery manufacturer specializes in development, production and sales of snack food machinery and kitchen equipment.

Our main products consists of a wide range of food machinery including ice cream machine, waffle machine, kayaball machine, takoyaki machine, popcorn machine, deep fryer, warming showcase and snack food equipment, etc. All our snack food machinery are newly design, energy saving, environmental friendly and equipped with advanced technology. Our snack food machinery can be used in hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and kiosk counter.

We import foreign technology and introduce advanced production equipment and quality test equipment in our manufacturing process. We have a team of experienced mechanical, electrical and gas engineers, professional production team and after-sales service team with more than 20 years of experiences.

We devote our energy to developing, producing, processing new food machinery and non-standard customized food machinery in order to adapt to the fast changing consumer market to meet customers' requirements. We consistently stick to our objectives of high quality, lower prices and to serve old and new customers with heart and soul.

Waffle Machine

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Waffle Machine

Sumos is a leading food machinery manufacturer in Malaysia. We offer a variety of different food and snacks machinery, among which includes waffle machines. Our waffle machines are designs with different innovative designs like the flat and grooved plate options, all equipped with timer (0 – 5 minutes) and detachable spring handle. We can also make custom assembly catered to your needs and requirements. These are all manufactured with premium high strength cast iron heating plates with upper and lower heating, to ensure the most consistent and complete heating. Our waffle machines and other food machinery come with power switch and thermostat, providing double protection over your cooking sessions. On top of all the essential features, the machines are equipped with oil box for energy conservation; glass fiber innings to keep warmth and insulated heat proof handle for maximum safety measures during operation.

  • Different design available.
  • Equipped with timer (0 – 5 mins), detachable spring handle.
  • High strength cast iron heating plate material, upper and lower heating.
  • Flat and grooved plates available, assembled by your requirements.
  • Height automatically adjusted for different food.
  • Power switch and thermostat, double protection.
  • With oil box for energy conservation.
  • Glass fiber inside to keep warming.
  • Insolated and heat-proof handle for safe operation.


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